Portfolio Erwin Zeemering    
Contact: erwin@zeemering.nl    

Currently in progress.    
Student Racing. - A long term project involving a real racing team. My job within the team is to take care of the marketing side of things. Creating a own identity for the team and making presentations which will hopefully get us some paying sponsors.    
Zeemering domain. - portfolio.zeemering.nl, cv.zeemering.nl, erwin.zeemering.nl. As usual my own sites are 5 year plans.    

Team Redline    

The fastest sim-racing team on earth doesnt have the fastest web-builder haha. New site for Team Redline is currently under development. The site features a new design and the Joomla CMS system. Main feature of the site will be the download system which will allow visitors to download hundreds of files and several videos. 



Joomla powered photo portfolio site. Of all Zeemering domain sites this is the first completed. This portfolio site will follow up soon I hope.


Pop-venue Hedon Zwolle    

Version 1 of the Hedon site incorporates the Joomla CMS system and an online ticket system. Moderators can add photo's and stories via the back-end from the site. Visitors can order tickets for all the events held at the venue online with creditcards and local money systems.

I was responible for the design and building the Joomla CMS. Currently version 2 is under development wich will feature more advanced design features.


Zeemering Media.    

My brother was in need for a simple informative site about his media company. Designed with a look back at the 70s but not with an old fashioned look. The site features the Joomla Content Management System  for easy content updating. http://www.zeemeringmedia.nl



The SimRacing project is discontinued untill further notice.


SIMRACER Driver's Edge.    

A free E-Zine for simracers by simracers. The magazine reports on what is going on in the simracing community plus it tries to find the direct links between simracing and real racing.

The project is a total concept. As Senior Editor I was responsible for design and the editorial part. The logo and page lay-out is designed by me. Due to copyright issues the magazine changed it's name to SimRacing in 2005.


For marketing purposes and to ensure the magazine's identity remains the same at all time I have writen a corporate identity. Sort of an style guide this proved very helpfull to keep one identity while more people where working on the project.


A business plan was writen to plan ahead the future of the magazine. The plan is focussed on the magazine's mission statement, marketing strategy and management.


Zeemering Inc.    

Struck by the simracing virus me and my brother decided to raise a simracing team. A virtual team competing in international leagues. At the team's high tides we launched a website to promote our team and virtual sport. The website featured a genious cms system powered by Flash.

Regarded as one of the most succesfull Dutch virtual racing teams the team itself ceased to excist.


2000 - 2003    

Perhaps the biggest commercial project I have done to date; the re-design of the Siemens Corporate site. It started as a re-design for the Siemens Netherlands site but ended up as the corporate design of Siemens world-wide. Even now the current corporate Siemens website is still based on my first version.
At the right 3 phases can be seen. At the top the original design of Simens.nl, in the middle the first phase and at the bottom the final result of Simens.nl.


Llanes holiday website.    

I made a special website for the holiday photgraphs we made on this particular holiday in Northern Spain. It was a showcase and an ode to all the great people we met in that time.




In 2000 the company I worked for at that time did the audio recording of a National Song Festival entry. This web-site was released to gain extra votes. All in vain, the singer was not selected for the final.




A local pop band asked me to do their website. By the time I had a go to publish it on the web the band announced to call it a day.



Student project.    

Probably my first attempt at making a portfolio site. This site was used to showcase the projects I had done at the Graphic Arts school. Unfortunatly only the front page survived.