Sep 30 2010 · 0 comments · Design ·

Stairway to Hedon.

Poster design for a local band battle.  We went through several concepts but this one was the winner.

Apr 03 2010 · 0 comments · Photo ·

Winter in Zwolle.

We haven’t seen so much snow here in Holland for years so it was obvious to get out in the freezing cold and take some shots.

Mar 31 2010 · 0 comments · Design ·

Electrocution part II.

Hedon booked Groningen based Noisia. The Electro and drum ‘n’ bass trio is one of the hidden gems in Dutch music export and producers of Krause’s latest cd.

Feb 15 2010 · 0 comments · Design ·

Victorian vintage!

Vintage Victorian poster design for a concert in pop venue Hedon. Setting the mood for a houseroom concert.

Jan 10 2010 · 0 comments · Design ·

Marvellous 2010

Marvellous 2010 was the themed New Years Party at pop venue Hedon. This poster and flyer design was based on a comic from Marvel.

Oct 30 2009 · 0 comments · Design ·

Poster Zwolsche Aanval

The Zwolsche Aanval (Zwolsche Attack) is the ideal playground for beginning bands. The local acts get the chance to perform on the “big” stage. 

Jul 10 2009 · 0 comments · Photo ·


Thrash metal legends Testament from the USA are still going strong.

Jul 07 2009 · 0 comments · Photo ·

Surfing Nicaragua.

Metal veterans Sacred Reich from the States visited Hedon for a night of rock ‘n roll,… or in this case a night of metal!

May 27 2009 · 0 comments · VeeJay ·

Mantis second edition.

Stage design for Mantis. The video was projected on the 3 banners. With masking it was possible to project on 1, 2 or all 3 banners.